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one lost cause

back under the water

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ryan michael painter
9 June
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i am not a pinup or someone's daydream; i'm simply a thousand emotions twisted and tangled in a slender shell.

a-ha, air, all about eve, and one, anything box, apoptygma berzerk, art, assemblage 23, autechre, badly drawn boy, bauhaus, beborn beton, beefcake, beth orton, bjork, britpop, bruce springsteen, camouflage, chandeen, charlie hunter, clan of xymox, coldplay, covenant, criterion collection, culture club, curve, cyrus chestnut, david bowie, de/vision, dead or alive, delerium, depeche mode, dot allison, doves, dubstar, ebm, echo and the bunnymen, electronic, enigma, erasure, eurythmics, everything but the girl, evils toy, fields of the nephilim, flesh for lulu, fluke, front 242, future sound of london, garbage, gary numan, gay dad, gene, gene loves jezebel, geneva, glam, glitter, haujobb, hooverphonic, hubert kah, human drama, in the nursery, industrial, information society, jazz, jennifer connelly, jesus and marychain, jet li, john coltrane, joni mitchell, joy division, junkster, kitchens of distinction, kylie minogue, lamb, lds, london, lord of the rings, love and rockets, love spirals downards, love spit love, low, lush, madonna, magnetic fields, mandalay, marc almond, mazzy star, mesh, michael brook, miles davis, miles hunt, moby, monaco, mono, morrissey, mulu, my bloody valentine, mylene farmer, natalie portman, new order, pet shop boys, peter brook, peter gabriel, peter murphy, portishead, project pitchfork, psychedelic furs, pulp, radiohead, ramones, red house painters, rosetta stone, saint etienne, sandra, sarah brightman, sarah mclachlan, sci-fi, sing sing, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, soft cell, spice girls, star wars, suede, t-rex, the church, the creatures, the cure, the damned, the doves, the mission, the nightmare before christmas, the other two, the smiths, this mortal coil, tim burton, tones on tail, tori amos, travis, u2, underworld, vnv nation, waterboys, william orbit, wolfsheim, wonderstuff, writing, x marks the pedwalk, x-files

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